How to install Wireshark in Ubuntu / Backtrack

hello guest, to day i will share about how to install wireshark in the linux/unix, actually this for remember me how to install wireshark, so i post in my blog me scared if i forget, if i will install wireshark in my laptop next time. ok enough to bla….bla….bla…..!!

following how to install wireshark :

#sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa

#sudo apt-get update

#sudo apt-get install wireshark

Make OSX bootable usb

1. Download Mavericks at App Store
2. Download DiskMaker X here.
3. Launch DiskMaker X
4. Click button ‘Mavericks 10.9’
5. Click button ‘Use this copy’
6. Use at least 8GB USB pendrive.
7. Click button ‘Erase then create the disk’
8. When bootable disk finished, there is one pop-up window.
9. Restart & hold alt/option key
10. Choose the bootable USB drive.

How to get started with nodewebkit

Install globally

# install nodewebkit -g

I recommend you to install working project temple. Enter below command in your terminal or command prompt.

# git clone && cd nw-sample-apps

Then enter the file-explorer folder

# cd file-explorer

Once you in, let’s quickly run this project.

# nodewebkit

Now feel the power of Node.Js module nodewebkit !